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Current Situation
Outdated Facility—Old Hill-Burton facilities outdated and fully depreciated. Hospitals were built when an average inpatient would stay 7–8 days (ALOS). Today the ALOS is approximately 3.5 days or less.  Today, the focus is even more on ambulatory care furthering the decline in the number of inpatient admissions and total inpatient bed days.

Potential New Facility—Communities weigh options on whether to build a new facility. The need and access for capital is the number one stumbling block. RCHA will acquire the assets and build new.

New–Versus–Old—The decision to move forward will often times be the most significant decision a community makes since the last hospital was built.  The decision to replace an aging facility has dramatic positive economic impacts on the community and the region it serves.

Hospital Purchase
RCHA many times brings the missing link to many communities, that is helping communities find access to capital. As part of the management contract, RCHA will ask members of the local community to continue to serve on an advisory board providing important local input to decisions regarding local health care.

Construction can begin after the contractor bids the project and all local and state regulatory requirements have been met. Preferences will be given to qualified local contractors.

New Facility Opens
A new facility will assist in attracting physicians, increase market share and allow the hospital to be in a position to move forward into the future.  A new facility increases not only efficiency but also the quality of care provided.

Physicians Recruitment/New Services
The new facility helps in physician/personnel recruitment and retention. Need for a medical office building, rural health clinic, urgent care center and specialty outpatient clinic will be evaluated.


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