Financing Assistance

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RCHA can provide the following services to hospitals seeking financing:

  • Meeting with the prospective lenders, to obtain their perspective on the need for and feasibility issues related to the project and to address the questions proposed by the lender;
  • Preparing and submitting all appropriate support materials and documentation;
  • Developing the overall rationale for the project; this will include our analysis of the population demographics, trends in the aged population, utilization of existing services, quality, and cost-effectiveness;
  • Assist the owner in answering questions and/or requests for additional information HMC will rely on other development team members to prepare or provide several of the information elements required. Included in this information would be architectural drawings and cost estimates, and other project development information required by the lender. All of the information prepared for one lender will also be applicable in seeking any other means of financing.
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