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Management/Interim Management/Managagement Assist

After having developed a working relationship over the years with a large number of rural hospitals, RCHA was asked to provide management services for a number of hospitals; as a result, RCHA now provides management services. What form RCHA's management takes and to what extent depends on the needs of the client.

There are instances when a client needs Interim Management while pursuing their own full time administrator; the hospitals wants to take what ever time is necessary to select the right candidate rather than feel pressured to make a decision. RCHA is more than willing to provide Interim Management when that is what the hospital needs.

Some hospitals boards and their administrator feel that they have a need for some form of Management Assist on an hourly or month to month basis. In some cases, the hospital needs to draw on outside expertise to resolve certain issues, but does not want to a full blown management contract. RCHA works with the client to develop a Management Assist relationship based on the hospital's needs. Our Management Assist services can be tailored to address those specific issues the board and administration feel need to be resolved. In other cases, the hospital wants a month to month relationship to assist with what ever issues arise and/or those tasks that should be done on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, i.e., budgets. The degree and intensity of RCHA's assistance can vary; some administrators like the comfort of knowing that RCHA's consultants are always available by phone if an unanticipated issue arises, and that one of RCHA's principals will attend monthly board meetings in addition to regular scheduled of site visits.

RCHA also provides fulltime Contract Management when the hospital board decides that is the direction they want to go. With a fulltime management contract RCHA hires a fulltime administrator that becomes a part of the community; this administrator is responsible for the day to day operations of the hospital with oversight by RCHA ; the administrator is paid by and works for RCHA.

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